South Street Menu

540 South Street

Order in advance for in-store pickup.

Hot Fresh Donuts

+ Cookies and Cream
+ Cinnamon Brown Sugar
+ Strawberry Lavender

$1.75 Each add to bag
$9.00 Half Dozen add to bag
$15.00 Dozen add to bag

Fancy Donuts

+ Chocolate PB Crunch
+ Pumpkin Pecan Maple
+ Caramel Latte
+ Apple Cinnamon
+ Fig Labneh
+ Cranberry Gingersnap

$2.75 Each add to bag
$15.00 Half-Dozen add to bag
$25.00 Dozen add to bag

Fried Chicken

Served with a honey donut and choice of dry seasoning (za’atar, coconut curry, buttermilk ranch), wet glaze (chili garlic, sweet soy garlic, honey ginger) or naked.

$20.00 6 pieces add to bag
$10.00 3 pieces add to bag

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Boneless chicken breast, buttermilk ranch seasoning, American cheese, dill pickle and spicy Rooster Sauce on a Martin's Potato Roll

$7.50 Each add to bag


Hot and cold brew Federal Blend coffee

$2.25 Sm. Hot Coffee add to bag
$2.75 Lg. Hot Coffee add to bag
$3.25 Iced Coffee add to bag
$4.50 Vietnamese Coffee add to bag


$1.25 Coke Products add to bag
$1.25 Dr. Browns add to bag
$4.00 Cascara Cream add to bag
$1.25 Bottled Water add to bag
$1.25 Vintage Seltzer add to bag